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Summer Games

Ah summer is final here, time for relaxing in the sun, hanging with friends and of course my all time favorite playing video games into the wee twilight hours. In honor summer I've decided to give you the skinny of the kamishibai games.

(listed in alphabetical order)

Demon Hunter Giest: Cavern of Shades
by Cooper
Download size: (part 1) 1026k
(part 2) 1778k
(part 3) 3995k
(part 4) 6,633k
Game Type: Maze/ Rpg
I've never really like mazes (I can never seem to find the exit) this game was really cool. Utilizing lots of different weapons and enemies to fight. Nice interweaving of story with the game.
Overall grade: A+

Grand Slayber
by Jason Martinson (aka Kaze Neko)
download size: (act 1) 2,814k
(act 2) 11,541k
Game type: RPG
Using a "Magic the Gathering" style battle system Neko has made an interring and easy to play RPG. The story and rules are set up in the first act and the actual battle takes place in act two. The only bad thing about this game is that there aren't more acts, yet there maybe hope since Neko continues to swear that he'll finish it.
Overall grade: A- (to short, dang it we wait more!)

Pastel Defender Heliotrope
by Jennifer Diane Reitz
download size: 4,252k
Game type: Memory (sort of)
While more of a story than a game it has such kawaii graphics, sweet and entertaining story and so many choices to make in order to get to the end.
Overall grade: A+

Shining in the Night
by Super_Son_Gohan
download size: 890k
Game type: RPG
Done in a classical SNES style this game is very cool to play. And with at lest 5 different ending the re-play ability is very good. I just love the look of the character and the battle.
Overall grade: A- (I want to see more!)

Sonic RPG: Green Hill Zone
by Super Son Gohan
Download size: 3196k
Game type: RPG/ side-scroller
I like the why this so perfectly emulates Sega's Sonic the hedgehog games, right down to the Sega logo at the start. And while it has the side-scroller look it promises to have all the deep of story that we've come to expect from and RPG.
Overall grade: A (needs just a little more story to get that "+")

Sparkle Star: Maze game
by Chibi Alex-chan
Download size: 182k
Game type: maze
Cute maze, but it can quickly drive you crazy. No map, no way to turn around, but at least this game has a good sense of humor.
Overall grade: B- (Needs work)

Sparkle Star: RPG
by Chibi Alex-chan
Download size: 1461k
Game type: RPG
Nice story line some small errors need to be fixed, and the battle system need to be included more but other wise this is a very enjoyable game. It's easy to play (and win) and easy to sit through and replay.
Overall grade: A (small errors need to be fixed)

Yet games to hit Otaku World

Seekers (of Destructive Treasure)
by Kaze Neko
game type: Fighter/ memory
I got a demo of this and I'll say this it very addictive! And very good, the graphic, the sound, the music, everything so remarkable! I can't wait for the whole thing.

War of the Wizards
by ARK
game type: board game
This game is cool, the hand drawings look so great and the effect are top notch! I download the full version off of Ark's site and I'm so glad I didn't wait this game is just that cool! Don't wait till Otaku World post this go download it now!(note: page is no longer available).

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