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Welcome the Neverending Kamishibai Project: Where The Story is Up to You!

You may be wondering what this is all about, well the Neverending Kamishiabi Project (or the NEKP) is a story in which everyone can be involved. Remember when you used to play that game where you pass a story around a circle until by the end it was completely different from what it used to be? The NEKP is like that, only a little more advanced. Anyone who wants to be a part of it can write a chapter of the story and add in their own characters. It's entirely up to you! Before you decide to enter the game be advised of the rules:

  1. You must follow the flow of story or at least give ample explanation to sudden plot changes. For example if chapter two leaves off with the heroes about to fight a huge dragon you cannot have them suddenly inside a sandwich shop eating.
  2. Realize that all characters you create for the story will be used (and possibly abused) by other people. If you have specific plans for a character it would be best not to submit them for this project, as they may not be used in your original image.
  3. All characters must be original and not used previously in a kamishibai story. Sorry, no anime or video game characters!
  4. There is no limit on the content, but please put up warnings for a kami that contains lots of bad stuff that children should not see.
  5. Original art only.
  6. If you decide to finish the ongoing storyline, you are responsible for creating a new story for the rest of the people waiting to do a chapter to have a chance.
  7. No killing off other people's characters without their consent.
  8. When the chapter ahead of yours is released, you'll have a month from it's release to finish your kamishibai. If you cannot finish for some reason, negotiations can be possible, but not likely.
  9. Each kami must contain at least 25 scenes, not including any credits.
  10. No more than two major characters may be introduced in each chapter.

Some tips for doing successful in this project:

  1. Don't start working until you see the last chapter before yours. It'll be easier on you, as many things can change in one chapter.
  2. Remember that this is only one part of a huge epic. Since you are only doing one chapter there is no need to make a 200 scene kamishibai. If you get tired of working, then stop and submit what you have. Don't go overboard, but do accomplish what you want as you may not have another turn until much later.
  3. The world is very unknown and big so don't be afraid to incorporate new ideas and new settings into the story. Be original!
  4. Don't stray too far away though, as it may be hard on other authors.
  5. Don't use the chapter ahead of yours as an example of what to do. Do what you want, just use the previous chapter to continue the storyline and to get a handle on the characters.
  6. Keep continuity going. Don't suddenly change a characters clothes between chapters just because you don't want to draw what someone else drew. However, if it a part of the storyline that is fine.

The storyline thus far is that on this world there is a legend about "Guardians" who use the powers of the elements to defend the world against evil. So far we meet two characters, Eden, who is an effeminate cat-boy who uses the power of Earth and Jisella, who is a bounty hunter with the power of fire. The unlikely pair teams up to figure out who is trying to find the Guardians and stop them from discovering their true powers. What happens next is up to you.



Contact Tenchi at to ensure your place in the circle of NEKP authors!

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