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Hello there, I'm Phillip. Call me Punt for some reason. I want to talk aboutcreativity and nice original stories on Kamishibai. I've seen some nice stuffon OW and nice feedback on some websites for them. I feel I need to say thisso newcomers to Kamishibai will put in some nice effort and good stories willkeep on coming.

You might want to view such stories as Skip in Hoyoiyoiyoi or The Many Deathsof Stickboy. In them are somethings you'd never see in films or comics, butvery funny indeed. They don't even need to make sense as long as they arecreative and original. I don't like most action films because I've seen thesame one for years, only with different titles on them. I did however likeARK: Archangel Returns.

That brings me to the next part of creative thinking and presentation:ARTWORK. If you can't draw, do what I do. Either practice like crazy orsearch madly for an artist that would help you. In Archangel Returns, therewere really nice scenes that went by fast, but in great detail, and withoptions to view it again if you didn't see it. Really nice stuff. All of mypoints can be stressed by reading some of the titles I've mentioned.

Through observation, I've noticed that searching for love is getting verycommon, especially through sorts of carnage and battles. Unless done reallywell , I won't care. I am sensitive, but I'm also a perfectionist. In myup coming Kamishibai, I will try my hardest to not be a hypocrite, but Iwill be original. You all should try the same. I could name many goodKamishibai stories you should read, but you should see the description foryourself and have fun.

Having fun is the main key-point to making a good Kamishibai. Remember Imentioned the one with Skip from above. Read it as fast as you can! Find iton OW and get it now! Anyway, back to my article. Some creativity can bebrought out through recreation, which is good too. I'm planning a Metal GearSolid Kami, while others have done Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, trivias ongames and anime, and cool fan-fics and variations on our favorties. When Iwrite that, I think of "Stories by the cute little girl, Part 2" since mostof the art is from the videos from Resident Evil.

I leave you with comforting words, my friends. Have fun and do your best. Ifyou don't want to, then don't. It's a free set of 12 planets we have hereanyway. Freedom. Do your thing and be sure to mail me about it or tell me toread your Kami If I haven't already. Remember. I've read 80% of all thestories on OtakuWorld and I'm not done yet. Heh, heh, heh.

Have a good one, your pal Phil.

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