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Want to submit an article and directly write in HTML so we can directly upload it? If so, please take this base html scratch for your file:

<TITLE>insert title of your html file here</TITLE>

<BODY BACKGROUND="../bg.jpg" BGPROPERTIES="fixed" TEXT="blue" LINK="green" ALINK="green" VLINK="darkgreen">

<BR> insert your article here. please avoid java, flash and other fancy stuff and try to use base html only. and don't forget to mention your name somewhere (either in the headline (for example: <H2>my article for the post</H2> by me) or at the bottom (for example: [...article...] <BR><BR> <I>by me</I>) )

<A HREF="main.html" TARGET="main">back to ... index</A>

But anyways, no matter whether your article is in *.html, *.doc or *.txt format, e-Mail it to me at E-mail with the following information:
- Author Name
- Article Title
- Section where you want your article to be posted (editorials, helpfull stuff or misc stuff)
- In few words what basically you are writing about - Your working eMail adress so others can contact you (if you don't want your eMail adress to appear on the site please tell us)

Your article will then be put up in the next issue if the Kami Post (if the article was received in time for the next update). If necessary we reserve the right to edit the article where needed.

Thanks for helping us making the Kamishibai Post a bigger place full of stuff for Kamishibai Fans

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