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Kamipost: We're talking w/ the Talented AnitaWiebe (Hoshi), the creator of Tales of Moryia and Warriors of Avalon....

Hoshilady: *is very excited*

Kamipost: What do you think about when making a kamishibai Story?

Hoshilady: I think mainly about the plot, storyline, characters, etc. not so much as will it get on the top 25...

Kamipost: What's the hardist part about making a Kamishibai story?

Hoshilady: I'd have to say, for me personally, it's the art, because I have such a hard time drawing in paint. Even though people tell me I'm good at it.

Kamipost: What's your favorite part about making a Kamishibai?

Hoshilady: When it's done and you see what picture and caption they used on the kami page it's on. I love that...

Kamipost: What do you look for in a voice actor?

Hoshilady: Somebody that I can be a friend with, because if you make an enemy with somebody who's voice acting for you, chances are, they won't do it. For Tales of Moryia, I basically gave the parts away because i was friends with them. I don't regret that one bit, because they're all great.

Kamipost: I notice that a lot of your characters have accents... any particular reason?

Hoshilady: Well, mostly because for certain characters, it suited their persona. For exampe, in Tales of Moryia act 4, I gave the priestess of the temple and English accent because of the religious aspect of her. Or in Kiran Jain's case, I wanted him to have an evil voice, and what's more evil than Count Dracula himself?

Kamipost: Who are some of your favorite Kamishibai artists?

Hoshilady: I have so many... Chibi Alex-chan, Tenchi, Quova, Lianu, Meg-chan, Firefly, Lost, Jason Martinson, and many, many others.

Kamipost: What kamishibai stories are you considering for the future?

Hoshilady: That's why I brought my status book! *laughs* I'm attempting to do a sequel to Tales of Moryia, it stars a whole new voice acting cast. I call it Return to Moryia, it stars Kata's daughter. I'm also planning one called Dragon Rider, another made with sprites called Tombobogee!, Pendant Keeper, Tears of the Gods, and an old story of mine called Jewel Raiders, plus Tenchi and I are trying to work on a Chrono Trigger fanfic.

Hoshilady: quite a few, but only some are going to make it.

Kamipost: Sounds Exciting... I look forward to it..

Hoshilady: Thanks. ^^

Kamipost: well, any final comments?

Hoshilady: Well, I want to say thanks to you, for letting me do this interview. Special thanks to my cheering section, Pearl and Brin for being there when I needed inspiration and other good stuff.

Hoshilady: Also thanks to everybody at the kami forum, they're also part of my cheering section. ^^ I love moral support

Kamipost: Well, thank you Anita

Hoshilady: no problem, anytime