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The creator behind the story Legend of Earl, Ben Gordon

Post: First off, what motivated you to start your kami?
Ben: Well, to be honest, I stumbled across Otaku World by accident. I discovered the kami program, and got interested in trying my own.

Post: So where did you first get the idea for The Legend of Earl?
Ben: I've had Earl for a while. Since I was in school. I keep dreaming little bits of story here and there, and began putting them together. And so began the legend of Earl.

Post: Whats the hardest part about making a kamishibai?
Ben: For me? lol getting the computer to cooperate. No, seriously, once i get started on one, it seems to flow together. I guess the hardest part for me is picking the right music for the scene.

Post: Do you have any favorite kamishibais or authors?
Ben: I don't really have a favorite yet. I've downloaded a few so far, and seem to like each one. A favorite one is hard to pick.

Post: Where did you develop your art style from?
Ben: I basically taught myself.I never took an art class, but I pick up pointers from other artists and art magazines. I've been drawing as long as I can remember.

Post: Well, any final comments?
Ben: I hope to have part two out real soon. I hope every one enjoy's it as much as I hope they like part one^_^ Earl's in for a real adventure. And thanks for the interview.

Thanks for your time Ben.

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