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Here's an interview with Cherry-chan, creator of "Dark Green"

Post: So how did you get into Kamishibai?
Cherry-chan: I've been into kiss dolls aslong as I can remember, then started with the mascots, so i decided to get involved with kamishibai, after reading a few stories I became obseesed and had to do them myself ^_^

Post: What would you say is the hardest aspect of Kamishibai?
Cherry-chan: Aspect? Hmmm...I suppose that would be staying with your story, as you know kamis can take a long time to make, espicially a series, the hard part is to stay with it and not give up, I'm trying my best to stay motivated for Dark green ^_^;

Post: Your storylines seem to have previously established routes, do your stories come from another story or project you are working on?
Cherry-chan: Yeah, accually they do, i have comics i've been working on since i was about 11 and now with the kami program i could make them live so to speak. Normally thouhg in other stories, like my dark green, i'll take tiny bits from other kamis and things that have happened to me and put it all together.

Post: What are some of your main inspirations?
Cherry-chan: My friends support for one, they all suppost me so much. Another thing that has inspired me is the movie Endless waltz, why i'll never know ^_^;

Post: Any Kami authors or artists that you particularly enjoy?
Cherry-chan: Oh, more than i can remeber....lesse..AceySpacey, karthokrinden, lost, Hikari, Hoshi, Sheal, rebo valace, rikki, toni and many more

Post: Are there any new projects you want to tell the readers about?
Cherry-chan: Dark green will continue on for awhile, It should go past the 10ep mark easy, plus I might make something called the weather soldiers and I've been thinking of making a jukebox too.

Post: What are a few of your favorite anime?
Cherry-chan: Oh boy..there it goes, Pocket monsters, digimon, Dragon ball z, escaflowne, Gundam Wing, card captor sakura, mon cole knights this list goes on for a loooong time ^_^;

Post: What are your favorite part in making a kamishibai?
Cherry-chan: The comedy scenes, and animations are always great to see, working on every picture then watching it come to life ^_^

Post: What is your advice to anyone just starting with Kamishibai?
Cherry-chan: When doing a kami, or any art at all, or the writing of it, keep yourself open minded and let your artistic spirit free, only when you totlay express yourself will you be happy with your work ^_^

Post: Any other comments you want to say?
Cherry-chan: Are we ever gonna get to use MP3s? ^_^; Other than that, just best wishes to everyone with their kamishibais and wishing inspirations to all ^_~ Ja ne!

Post: Thanks for your time Cherry-Chan, we'll be sure to look forward to your next kamishibai!
Cherry-chan: Sure, no prob, this was fun, finally questions i can answer that don't require education ^_^; lol just kidding, thanks for your time, see ya tenchi! ^_^

Thanks for your time Cherry-chan.

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