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Interview: Sailor Dragon

Interview with the Kami artist:

The stories, Stories from New Center, This is hAvOC, and the The SD Adventures of Chaos Lady, Sailor Dragon

Post: What were some of the things that influenced Stories from New Center?
Dragon: "It started out as a dream I had about a group of vampires living in New Center. As I went, I developed it a bit and toyed with the characters, other influences snuck in. It's hard to pin down most of them, but the big one showed up in the second episode. I was going through some of my older things and I stumbled upon a story I'd writen a long time ago about five demon hunters. I think we all know where THIS went... ^.^"

Post: What was the hardest part about making Stories from New Center?
Dragon: "Everything! I especially love seeing my finished product and how everything I did comes together into something so keen! (no, I'm not egotistical am I? ^.^;;) I also love knowing I reached other people, no matter how corny it sounds."

Post: What are your plains for your Stories from New Center in the future?
Dragon: "Well, I hope to wrap it up very shortly. Let me just say that the demon gets it in the end. ^.- I also hope to do a New Center/hAvOC crossover which does a little background for both."

Post: Other than yourself who are some of your favorite Kamishibai artist?
Dragon: "You want me to choose just ONE? Well I'm not gonna! I'm gonna list them all! Firefly, Kaze Neko, Geist, Chibi-Alex-chan, Batchix, Lisa Liidemann and just about everyone else who made a story. ^.^"

Post: If you could change one think about Kamishibai what would it be? And why?
Dragon: "I'd like to be able to animate certain elements separately (like ARK proposed on the board a while back) as well as use more than 32 frames per animation. Wait. That's two. ^.^ Oh well..."

Post: So when planning a Kamishibai how do you get your imagination flowing?
Dragon: "I sleep. ^.^;;; I also look through old stuff I've written or drawn, or I listen to music. I also like to think in the shower."

Post: What's your favorite part of making a Kamishibai story?
Dragon: "I sleep. ^.^;;; I also look through old stuff I've written or drawn, or I listen to music. I also like to think in the shower."

Post: So what are some of the Kamishibai your considering for the future?
Dragon: "Well, you people already know about This is hAvOC and my birthday present to myself, but I also have a few things up my sleeves that I really would rather keep secret. I want to take my time with them and do them just right! ^.-

I can tell you this much, however: expect more animation, higher quality images (still 256 color.. I have to worry about drivespace!), dragons, plot twists, angels, and pig-tailed girls!"

Post: So do you have any additional comments, concerns, or thoughts for us?
Dragon: "Keep up the niftiness! Thanks for interviewing me! And all of you kami makers out there! PLEASE consider 256 color images! You're killing my hd space, and you KNOW who you are! Ah well. *yawns and falls over asleep* z.z"

Thank you for your time Sailor Dragon.

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