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Interview: FireflyThe creator behind the story Questors, Firefly.

Post: So, how does it feel being interviewed about you Kamishibai?
FireFly: "Well, I'm scared by the fact that you called me the talented Firefly on your page."

Don't worry about that we think all you Kamishibai artist are talented;-)

Post: What the hardest part (for you) about making a Kamishibai story?
Firefly: "THE ARTWORK! I am primarily a story-teller. The artwork forever kept me from actually publishing a kamishibai story."

"One day, I dedcided to draw all the artwork for the first part of Questors on paper. And then my scanner decided to break when I was scanning them. I was frustrated, but decided that if I had already put so much time into the story I might as well finish it. I then drew all my art on the computer. For my first try at computer art, it isn't so bad. But it bothers me to no end that they don't look as good on the computer as they do when I drew them by hand."

Post: What do you think about when making a Kamishibai story?
Firefly: "I usually try to get into the character's head and react as they would. It sounds cheesy, I know. But I'm trying to keep everyone acting within character."

Post: What were some of the things that influenced Questors?
Firefly: "Watching a lot of anime. Specifically, Questors is a combination of the things I thought were neat about Slayers, Sailormoon, and Magic Knight Rayearth. Then the more I developed the story, the more demented it got. It hardly resembles any anime any more."

"Artistically, I am influenced by Takeuchi Naoko-san. Sailormoon is one of the first anime I saw and remains one of my favorite. I'd have to say that shoujo-style art work has influenced me more than anything else. Kita bears a resemblence to Umi, and Tohru is thoroughly bishounen looking."

Post: What was the hardest part about making Questors?
Firefly: "Finding the time to do it right. I try to get stories out every other update of the page. Unfortunately, sometimes that puts a crunch on the time I can spend on each episode."

"I also have to work within the constaints of my artistic ability. Some things had to be tossed because I simply could not draw them. The dogs from chapters 4 & 5 for example. I tried and tried to draw dogs, but failed and gave up. Hence, all you ever see of them is glowing eyeballs."

Post: What are your plains for your Questors in the future?
Firefly: "I'm not sure how much I want to give away. Some things I can say however are that Tohru will be wearing a dress in the future, and Kita and Suzume will make up. Eventually, they will make it to Nigatsu City. I'm hoping to finish the story in 20 parts."

Post: Other than yourself who are some of your favorite Kamishibai artist?
Firefly: "My favorite story of all time has to be "The Trouble with Banshees." The artwork is great, the story is great, and it's very funny. Three cheers to Kodachi Batchix!"

Post: If you could change one think about Kamishibai what would it be?
Firefly: "I'd like the ability to add variables to the storyline."

Post: So what are some of the Kamishibai your considering for the future?
Firefly: "Hmm. Well, I'm working on 'Symphony of the Soul' which is a kami-story game. It stars Alexa who is troubled by her dreams of an old friend and journeys back to her childhood home in order to decipher the meaning of her dreams."

"I'd also like to do a more mecha story. Who knows, after Questors is finished I just may write one."

Thank you for your time Firefly.

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