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This month we interviewed Becky a.k.a. Kaleidors, former editor of the Kamishibai Post and creator behind the stories Mood Swings and A very Maudlin Ghost Story.

Post: First of all, how was it, being the chief editor of the Kamishibai Post up to now?
Kaleidors: Well, it's not like I was the only one... first it was the only Kamipress, Then it was Rebo and Rhubarb, then me and Rhubarb, and lastly it was just me. I enjoyed it though. It was good to be doing something that could be helpful or amusing to my fellow authors...

Post: Did you get any experiences or new insights on Kamishibai through your work?
Kaleidors: My work with Kamipress..? I think I learned a little by just communicating with the other artists... Also, as an editor I had to take the initative a lot more than what I'm used to, so in that way it was a learning experiance.

Post: Will you use those experiences and insights in your future Kamishibais? Do you have any projects planned anyhow?
Kaleidors: Uhm... I have a lot of projects planned actually. My most important one is I'm working on a project with my friend I met on the Forum a long time ago on the first chapter in his story. It's called Candles.
I'm also working on finishing A Very Maudlin Ghost Story... although it's been over a year since I last did any chapters ^_^; I don't want to leave it hanging though-- 'tis cruel to my 3 fans :)

Post: How did you first get into Kamishibai?
Kaleidors: Uhm... well, I really liked Kiss dolls, and when Kamishibai was first created I wandered over and gandered at the first few stories and thought to myself "Myself, I can do this too!". So I started on this really overly-melodramatic, depressing story using edited pictures of Azusa from Devil Hunter Yohko and bad, bad MS Paint effects.
Thankfully for all concerned, I didn't have enough room on my compy and had to delete all Kamishibai-related stuff until my computer got upgraded a few years later. By then I was a little better...

Post: What's the hardest part (for you) when making a Kamishibai?
Kaleidors: Uhm... being inspired to actually do what I'm supposed to. I have big plans... but the all kinda snuffle out when it comes to draw/write the actual story. Especially if I'm being perfectionest about what I'm working on.

Post: And what's your favourite part?
Kaleidors: Being done with something :) Or when the stories/drawing just flow from my fingertips. Nothing beats being in that creative "space" where everything just comes together... and I like to go back to things that I've done because, bad or good, they have memories attached to them.

Post: What do you think about when making a Kamishibai story?
Kaleidors: Uhm... Usually I focus on how to make the picture describe what's going on in the story. It was really hard in AVMGS because firstly I was recycling pics shamelessly, and I just didn't have the experiance I do now'.. I think Candles will be much better when I finish it...

Post: "Mood Swings" seems to be based on real life happenings (at least the 'Wolf' strips). In how far did you experience all those comic strips?
Kaleidors: Uhm.. it's almost an autobiography. The characters where more or less lifted strait from the people in my life... and the situations (very few where entirely fictional). For instance, at the time my sister swore that she wanted to grow up and be a car alarm. Lori (the person behind Lonia) really did say to me that she was raising her dating standards by dating only men with buff abs. My friend Lori really did have a lot to do with Mood Swings... she cheered every strip like it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen and would show them off to her other friends. She also wrote the verse for Lonia's "song". All my friends where very supportive, really, and enjoyed reading my comics.

Post: What were some other things that influenced "Mood Swings" or made you create it at all.
Kaleidors: Uhm... the dull-drums of public school in America for Senior year. I did all of the comics during class time during the 2nd semester... I think I finished 10, and had sketched out the beginnings of 3 more... Also, I really wanted to do a comic and the standard 4 panel comic really apealled to me. (I scanned it in and turned it into kamishibai much later). Sometime if I get the chance I would like to make it into a web comic, someday.

Post: Who are some of your favourite Kamishibai artists?
Kaleidors: Hmm... as people, I rather like the kami forum... they're nice people who provide a supportive atmisphere for authors and artists. Some of my favorite stories in no particular order; I really like LoveQuest by Rebo... Bisho Sailor Senshi..? by Meg-chan, SailorM by Meagen, Otakuworld Sagas by Tenime Studios, TL-17G by Sheal, Pastel Defender Heliotrope by Jennifer, Mecha Club by Warpzone, Magical Madness by Toni, Hikawa Hijinks by Ribby, {fragile} by DeCayK, Epic of the Lumberjack by Matthew Falls, Dragon Slayer Alpha by Tenchi and Quova, The Bus Stop of Doom by Ryan Hill and Kristian Delaronde, Bread Styx by Lee 'Des' O'Conner, Shonen Story by Jayson and everything by Alex and.... wow ^_^; too many people; lets just say a lot of others.

Post: Any additional comments, concerns, or thoughts for us?
Kaleidors: Uhm... never hesitate to write someone to let them know how much their work is appreciated... think how much it would mean to you if someone did the same thing :) Listen to critism thoughtfully-they could have a point, but then again it could be just a personal preferance. Either way, don't take it personally.

Ohh!! BTW Freckle-san, I'm still waiting for Gemstone Spirits 4. Just wanted to let you know ^_^. I haven't forgotten...

And thank you for the interview.

Thanks for your time Becky.

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