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Interview:The creator behind the story Agile Heros, Lisa (Quova).

Post: So, how does it feel being interviewed about you Kamishibai?
Lisa: "Flattered, actually! Not many of my friends like anime so I don't get appreciated for my art often."

Post: What the hardest part (for you) about making a Kamishibai story?
Lisa: "The drawings! Not to mention Agile Heroes is a fantasy story, I have trouble finding good pictures for backrounds."

Post: What do you think about when making a Kamishibai story?
Lisa: "Trying to make the story very funny. I'm a funny person, and people find things more interesting when there's comedy in it."

Post: What were some of the things that influenced Agile Heros?
Lisa: "I'm not too sure, Agile Heroes started out as a comic I was drawing and I sort of developed the story as I went along. I find creating things easier that way!"

Post: So when planning a Kamishibai how do you get your imagination flowing?
Lisa: "Oh, I need nothing to get my imagination flowing! I am an extremely creative person as it is."

Post: What was the hardest part about making Agile Heros?
Lisa: "The animations. They took alot of planning and time."

Post: What are your plains for your Agile Heros in the future?
Lisa: "I'm going to add new characters, (one of them an enemy) and clear some of the storyline a bit. And of course way more things, things I don't want to spoil for the others."

Post: Other than yourself who are some of your favorite Kamishibai artist?
Lisa: "Dave 13! I have a thing for his style comedy."

Post: If you could change one think about Kamishibai what would it be? And why?
Lisa: "I sorta like kamishibai the way it is, except for the fact that there's a 32 frame limit for animations. I've run into that problem a few times."

Post: You also make kiss dolls, correct? What are some of the dolls you've made?
Lisa: "Well right now I've made 10 kiss dolls, 4 got editor's choice. But I reccomend my NukuNuku doll."

Post: Is it harder making a kiss doll based on your preexisting story, like Agile Heros?
Lisa:"I don't really think so. But making a kiss doll is A LOT harder than making a kamishibai. Kamishibai only took me 2 weeks to understand how to make, when it took me a whole year to understand how to make a kiss doll."

Post: So what are some of the Kamishibai your considering for the future?
Lisa: "I want to make a kamishibai called Fugitives, which I've renamed "Armageddon Machine Yari," and "Legend of Quova." And of course, more Agile Heroes!"

Post: So do you have any additional comments, concerns, or thoughts for us?
Lisa: "I would just like to thank you, and the good friends at the Kamishibai Forum!"

Thank you for your time Lisa.

If you'd like to learn more about Lisa (Quova)'s Agile Heros please click on the link below.

Quova's Kamishibai
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