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The creator behind the story Ragnarok, Liza Fitzroy

Post: How did you get into the Kamishibai scene?
Liza: Well actually I don't know the answer to that question ^_^; I have actually been coming to the Otaku world website for years but I'm sort of weird in my ways I hang around for a while without anyone noticing me and then decide to join in the fun when I get the courage. Actually I saw that everyone else was doing their own ideas so I decided to join in too. Uh ho am I sounding old now?

Post: What do you think is the hardest part of making a kamishibai?
Liza: Hmm.... well it's the images I think it takes me a long time to draw them and the scan and colour them in. I'm really bad at mouse art. Sometimes I may get lazy when colouring images in especially getting the right size of an image that really annoys me the most! I also have a hard time with animating things so I hate that can I have a personal worker to do that for me?

Post: Where do you get your inspirations from?
Liza: A hard question... and one that people ask me most >_< I get a lot of inspirations from people but also music and manga. I have a lot of trouble stopping the ideas popping into my head and then they suddenly overflow and I can't decide. When I listen to music it feels like you're listening to the theme tune of one of your characters and it gives you an idea of their personality. When I read manga I get really inspired by the comedy I just love to chuckle at a scene in a storyline where a character stumbles and embarrasses themselves even though it may seem mean I'm sure everyone laughs in real life when someone stumbles (as long as they don't get hurt too much that is). I could give you a list of people that inspire me but that'll be to long ^_^; I think I just have an over active mind working non stop.

Post: What are some of your favorite kamishibai stories?
Liza: Actually I have a lot of favorite kamishibai stories especially when there's a sense of humor included. hmm.... I'll be here all day if I name them all cause there's that many and now that you asked that question I can't remember them off hand >_< I got a bad memory. So any kami with comedy. (I don't want to get beat up if I forget to name some)

Post: Do you think that the Otakuworld rating system is fair?
Liza: Hmm... it's okay... I guess everyone has to find out if someone likes their work or not. If they don't like it leads to improvement I think so even though the truth hurts it motivates you to make things better... or either shatters your heart into a million pieces and you become one of these lone wanders... ^_^; did you notice you can vote for yourself? (vote vote vote vote) *chuckles evilly* ...whoops just kidding ^_^;They should really fix that.

Post: What are some of your favorite kamishibai stories?
Liza: _ again? you're not gonna let this one go are you? Well i do have a soft spot for fantasy stories... i do like love quest, and random stories from chibi alex, Shael's random stuff (he'll be offended if i don't say that), Agile heroes, Meg-chan's random stories, .... there's too many >_< I like everyone's stories okay! Just the not too serious stuff. well at least i named a few... but there's defiantly more i like than that ^_^

Post: What were early versions of Ragnarok like?
Liza: well it still is in an early version but the REAL early version is that Nesta was going to a character for something else. She was going to be traveling with another female friend in a fantasy land but I ditched that idea and thought hmm she looks a little modern. I was originally going to have Marcel look a little older too plus evil and a full blooded vampire but.... well that might be kept for something much later (hint: sort of kept it for an evil chibi-usa like scene ^_^;) I think people like Marcel the way he is now though....umm make that I think girls like the way Marcel is now (Previous I think Marcel is cute emails). The story line is still a bit sketchy I mean it hasn't even got to the main part yet... cause at the moment it seems like some sort of comedy/romance/horror.... it's much more than that it's meant to be like a comedy with a touch of magical girl. When I say magical girl I don't mean pink bows, sailor suits etc...kind of a different looking magical girl than normal ^_^;; I won't explain that now. I still have trouble with the title... I don't like the title... and I don't know if I should keep it or not. (You do realize I could talk about this all day) I have to say that Ragnarok isn't one of my favorite stories.

Post: Are there any authors who give you inspiration in your writing?
Liza: Hmm? Kamishibai authors? I haven't really received any help yet though... i just send things to friends and they usually say they like it.

Post: Congratulations, your story made the list of top ten Kamishibai stories! Being so new to the scene, how do you feel about this acheivement?
Liza: Wow really? I didn't know. I feel honored ^_^ It's nice to know if people enjoy my stories so it makes me a little proud feels like an encouragement to do more.

Post: What can we be expecting to see from you in the future?
Liza: I've started working on a new kamishibai already called 'Loyalty Kittens' Sounds kind of scary eh? well everyone likes humanoid cat people so except that. Any other stories I'm planning on doing I'm still thinking about. At the moment I'm trying to do an online comic called 'Good Knight' it's about a poor girl who want to be a lady knight and she's a little crazy one money too... but she has to pay for fees at a type of school to be a knight. Yes life is hard ^_^ but she has a strange skill... she can break the blade of a sword that touches her skin. Sounds kind of weird but I haven't had any complaints from the people I've shown it to. I already done part 1.

Post: Any spoilers you want to give out?
Liza: Well concerning Ragnarok if you really want to know and I mean spoilers.... Nesta gets the power to transform into a demon, Barrett might get psychic powers (still thinking about it), We find out who the teacher is... A zombie infested school (Marcel has a weak heart against rotting flesh), We find out who the guard at the museum is that's about it really. well you said spoilers and that's as much spoiling I'm doing ^_^ although it might sound really strange at the moment it does eventually fit into the story. Oh and... a human who thinks he's a werewolf and a werewolf who thinks he's a human. I think I've broken that for strangeness now.

Thanks for your time Liza.

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