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We¡¯re here with Mr. Chan, the author of "Neon Revelations: Slayers and Magic Journey"

Post: Okay, first off. What inspired your Neon Revelations: Slayers and Magic Journey?
Mr. Chan: Hmm¡­ First, I really didn¡¯t know what to do after Neon Genesis: Ghost Hunters, which I told Stephen to take off of Otakuworld. Then I thought about this while playing. So basically they just came to me, kind of.

Post: Okay, secondly... What¡¯s your favorite part about making kamishibai?
Mr. Chan: My favorite part about making a kamishibai is drawing the pics because I like how they look like

Post: What got you into Kamishibai in the first place?
Mr. Chan: This is a long story. First I downloaded kamishibai but at first I never knew it was called kamishibai. When I went to the web site again, I saw a story called High City. But I still didn¡¯t know how to work the kamishibai. So I messed around with where to put the high city since I saw the story Stephen and Jennifer made, so I put it in the same folder, and it worked. It was my favorite story because it was the FIRST kamishibai I have ever seen and the art was great. So then I started to draw the art for a kamishibai. But at that time I didn¡¯t know how to work a PC that well so I went to scan it but I really didn¡¯t have any skills. I scanned it, but didn¡¯t even know how to edit it. So I just put it together, shrunk the images and put the kami together. I made another kami after that, in which I used people¡¯s images (I used Cardcaptor pics) My cousin encouraged me to use my own art and so I drew some art which looked ok for a story named NEON GENESIS: GHOST HUNTERS. I scanned the art for that too, so it looked kind of bad. So I decided to redraw it in the PC, which I did. I FINISHED the whole story then I thought it sucked so I took it off Otakuworld. Well I told Stephen to and then I looked at more kamishibai and started to draw better. Because I could draw better on paper than in the PC, I made my biggest improvement in Neon Revelations: Slayers. And that¡¯s my REAL LONG story, could of been longer but I cut out the unnecessary stuff. Next question.

Post: What are some of your favorite animes or video games?
Mr. Chan: Some of my favorite animes would be Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sailormoon, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Dragonball are all cool. Pretty much anything, whatever is anime, for the most part, I¡¯ll like it so really there is no favorites but some of them I didn¡¯t even finish watching them but I just like them. My favorite video games are Streetfighter, Eternal Eyes (though the game pretty much sucked), Brave Fencer Mushashi (which I never finished hehe), and Chrono Cross (didn¡¯t get very far but good), mostly anything exciting or that¡¯s an RPG. Hehe

Post: What would you consider the most difficult part of making a Kamishibai?
Mr. Chan: Hmm. I consider nothing much...but if i had to choose... Making the options and the descriptions... Why? Well because the way I do it, I never do the descriptions first. Which makes the story seem to only go with how I drew my images... So I guess I should write descriptions first... HEHE!

Post: Are there any other projects that you¡¯re currently working on?
Mr. Chan: Yes a lot, I¡¯m trying to do some short ones

Post: Care to give any hints as to what they¡¯ll be like?
Mr. Chan: Ah... Hmm. Ok here we go... One well be about a girl and a unsuspected secret about her friend, another one is about a boy who grew up in a war, there¡¯s one about a boy who takes things for granted, one about a goddess of flowers, and probably some more. I don¡¯t know if I will be able to finish all of them but hopefully I will¡­ With so much homework and stuff to do I highly doubt it¡­But you never know I might to do it¡­ So many Kamishibai to write, so little time.

Post: Do you have any favorite kami authors and kamis?
Mr. Chan: Uh... Not really that I can say of because first of all... (Yea here goes my lecture) * coughs * I like all authors that use their own art or story or tries to make a kami. But if I had to pick I would pick... Cherry-chan, she really can pick good VAs and she really can draw; Tenchi¡¯s Star Soldier Polaris, he really needs to teach me his special effects; Acey Spacey ¡°Elements¡± is good stuff; Lianu¡¯s ¡°Ming and Dracoa¡± (I don¡¯t how to spell, sorry.) was a blast. Shael, I really can¡¯t say much until I have DSL because I don¡¯t want to download such big files I¡¯ve seen about 3 of the chaps. I also like Karthokrinden, Gretchen and a lot more artists.
Mr. Chan: You too, Hoshi. Though I haven¡¯t read your stories * looks sad * I lost my subscription but saw your art and your voice acting in DG, you really have good art. I saw your manga though didn¡¯t have time to read it but you are talented as well!

Post: Well that about wraps up our interview. Do you have any last comments?
Mr. Chan: I do have some comments for those of u kami authors out THERE. Don¡¯t give up on your stories! The first reason is I never started out great! I¡¯m still trying to improve in all areas... Where you¡¯re not good, work at it and you¡¯ll have a great story either way. Thanks to all my readers and kami authors and you Hoshi. Thank you for your time!

Thanks for your time, Mr. Chan.

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