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The creator behind the stories Dracula, Magical Madness, Sailor Moon: A Sailor's Nightmare and the The art of doing a truely bad kami, Toni

Post: How did you first get into Kamishibai?
Toni: Well, if I remember correctly, I was searching for fanfics and stuff, when I noticed a link to OtakuWorld and it's kamishibai section. I downloaded some stories, and, well, that's how I got into it. ^^

Post: So when planning a Kamishibai how do you get your imagination flowing?
Toni: If I only knew ^^;
To tell you the truth, I have no idea. Sometimes I get inspired by existing animes, mangas, comics etc. and sometimes the ideas just pops into my mind.

Post: What the hardest part (for you) about making a Kamishibai story?
Toni: Thinking about the story itself. It's easy to just write something down, but it's harder to make it actually interesting to read. At least to me it is.

Post: What do you think about when making a Kamishibai story?
Toni: Hmm... I guess... plot twists. I don't really know. I just like interesting stories and try to tell mine the way I like. ^^

Post: How was doing a fanfic different then writing your own story..? Or was it different at all?
Toni: It wasn't really that different... not much anyway, because the story itself *is* my own creation. The only difference is that the main charas aren't my own, but it's actually quite interesting to throw characters everybody knows into situations which they'd normally never be in. ^^

Post: Other than yourself who are some of your favorite Kamishibai artist?
Toni: Ah, I feared this question so much. Can I leave this out? No? Hmm... well, I like Rikki Hyperion, Chibi Alex-chan, Quova-hime (too sad she doesn't make new kamis anymore ;_;), Tenchi, Meagen and many many others ^^;

Post: What are your plans for future kamishibai?
Toni: First I'll try to finish the kamis that I've begun, and after that... well, I already have some plans for sequels of Dracula and Magical Madness and also for some completely new stories, but they are top secret.

Post: Do you have any advice for aspiring kamshibai artists?
Toni: Have fun with doing kamis. If you are stuck with a story you don't like, you can't expect that others will like it.

Post: So do you have any additional comments, concerns, or thoughts for us?
Toni: Hmm... not really. ^^; I just want to thank all people who liked my stuff and encouraged me to go on *smiles and waves* ^^

Thanks for your time Toni.

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