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Woodarts, creator of Ninjitsu

KamiPost: First of all, why did you create Ninjitsu? What drove you to create this story?
Woodarts: I am interested in Ninja's. - Various info on how to learn the ways of ninjitsu.

KamiPost: What is the hardest part about creating Kamishibai?
Woodarts: Animations

KamiPost: And what part of creating a story do you like most?
Woodarts: Fight Scenes

KamiPost: And what are some of your favorites?
-Kami's: None
-Authors: None
-Anime: None. I hate Pokemon.

Becky: How did you find Kamishibai (and OtakuWorld)?
Woodarts: I found otakuworld from downloading somones cartoon (A very good one in fact) who plays the game nexus. I played nexus for a while and quit. It's - IT's an online RPG.

Becky: Are you intrested in the program mainly for it's animation properties?
Woodarts: I am interested in Kamishibai because it gives people a chance to present their work, and have it critiqued.

Becky: Is your main interest in Martial Arts?
Woodarts: Yes

Becky: You said that you are quitting. Is this a short term hiatus or are you leaving forever?
Woodarts: I stopped making kamishibai's but my real-life friend vital_raven (Now known as ninja?) is currently making one.

Becky: Did you find any experiance with the Kamishibai positive in anyway?
Woodarts: Sure.

Thanks to Woodarts for taking the time to be interviewed, and to Becky, for particpating in our first interactive interview.

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