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Would you like to link to the Kami Post? Please copy the image and save it to your site, and then copy and paste the code below:

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And it should look like this:

The Kamishibai Post

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Kamishibai Players

Otaku World Home of the Original Kamishibai Player
Power Kami Another Kami Player
The Siva Kami-Clone An enhanced kamishibai player, with lots of spiffy animation options.

Story Archives

Otaku World Home of at least 200 stories (with subscription) and 6 free ones.
The Kami Underground Alternative place to find kamis, free!

Artist's Sites

Chibi Alex-chan's Web site Chibi Alex's wesite has info on Chibi Alex-chan's works and Links to other artist pages.
Chris' totally uninteresting site Totally uninteresting but offers all of Chris' stories
Deanna's Glowing Page of Kamishibai Infos on D's Kamis, Kamis to come, characters, artwork. And it's not a gay site ^_~
Meagen's Stuff Meagen's Site features infos about her own Kamishibai series and over a hundred Kamishibai ratings.
Firefly's site Author Firefly's website; will have all of Questors on it, but right now has the Adventures of Firefly and other miscellanous michief.
Hoshi's Starspot Hoshi presents her Kami Series 'Tales of Morya' and 'Warriors of Avalon'
Rebo's OtakuQuest Rebo's site for LoveQuest and any other future Kami projects, along with artwork, and downloads (including free Kamis and mascots)
Toni's World of Stuff Toni's site not only offers all his Kamishibais but also all his other 'stuff' like otaku mascot and his excellent 'mouse art'.

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