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Light and Dark

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Just as Dark-Chan was enjoying fishing in the land of Darkness, Suddenly flying in comes the opposite of dark, Light-chan and your instored for fun. Can light and dark be in peace?

It starts off like a story-telling from mothergoose or what not. But it's actually a funny tale about a kid named Dark-Chan and is meeting with Light-Chan. It's short but good. Funny interesting. The art is really good. It's a more kiddier form of the original anime type. Nice work. It was enjoyable, too bad it wasn't longer. We need more funny things these days. Katie J certainly did a good job at that.
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Cool, heart warming, fun for everyone to enjoy.
GENRE Short/Comedy

William says:
Mr. Chan says:
This story was a nice and interesting story, short yet in it's simplicity it really brought out some funny moments. This is those short yet great stories. Hard to have thumbs up for Katie J's nice art.
Hoshi says:

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