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Miko No Hoshi

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Kayo was a normal girl until...the present she gets takes her to another world...

For a first time kamishibai user, I have to admit that this is a great kami. At the beginning it was really touching I can see that the author was really inspired, she used her feeling to express most of the story. Then she sort of changes her mind to put something more exciting on it. It was like some kind of a puzzle for the readers. She was trying to include the reader on the story so that everything is more interesting The second half of the first chapter and the second chapter were like a little story that still has no end yet, I think the author its trying to make it more interesting to the readers minds. On the other hand the author was really creative using those names, and was sort of intriguing.
The second chapter was incredible using both: creation and colorfulness in every image, every image was really specific, using as many details as possible. But it makes the reader sometimes lost. I think the author should continue using her motivation on developing the kami, otherwise this isnít going to be a good kami.
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If you are looking for adventure, go for it!
GENRE Magical Girl/Fantasy/Mystery
AUTHOR Sephira Jo
ARTIST Sephira Jo and Giga Akumu

William says:
Well at the begining it was touching, and I thought that the topic wouldn't change and after the middle of the first part it went sort of like an adventure.
Mr. Chan says:
This story was so cool, at first I didn't download it because I didnt have a subscription and it only came out with one part so I didnt want to read it since I thought the author gave up on it, but once I downloaded it I automatically saw great stuff but I think I would give it higher on the score 9 on images, 10 on music and 9 overall.
Hoshi says:
~No comment by Hoshi~

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