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Dark Green

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What happens when your best friend is also your enemy? Midori can't answer that herself. Join Midori and all the people of this story join her for her past and her journey. To save her friend. Mint sets out to fulfill her destiny. Save her friend Akaiya. Will she be able to save him? What will become of her?

This story has been a hit since it was out. Due to Cherry-Chan's art obviously and the captivating story. At first I was skeptical myself but then I started to download and everytime one after another. It was great. The story starts off confusing and slow. Soon it starts to make sense and the story picks up pace. In every chapter the art is nice. It never really drags out. The stories always end in the exciting points. It leaves you wanting more. The music is perfectly choosen. This was the few of those kamis that have a voice cast and it is great. It's worth listening. This makes the whole story come alive. The only problem is Darky's voice which is done by Cherry-Chan herself. The problem isn't her voice but the volume. But I guess not all things can be perfect. This is one of those kami's you don't wanna miss you better get your mouse clicking and go download this already what are you waiting for? All episodes are now here for your reading go now.
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An epic saga of a Girl who has to save her best friend!
GENRE Drama/Comedy/Action/Magical Girls/Adventure
AUTHOR Cherry-Chan
ARTIST Cherry-Chan

William says:
Mr. Chan says:
I'm so sorry but after the deletion. I was thinking let me redo a review. Boy was I in for it. I've supported the story from the beginning the great art, music, and cast of voices. The story just grabs you on and on. Then the author finally finished it. A great conclusion to the beloved Dark Green. A great epic saga now over. Hopefully Cherry-Chan still has some more of her great productions instored for us. =)
Hoshi says:

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