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Dinky Queen

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A story of a little girl named "Banana", who transforms into Dinky Queen! With wacky people, monsters and transformation. Sailormoon inspired. Funny moments.

This story starts off just like another sailormoon story and it's those were you think your installed for rip-off art and a bullshit description put on otakuworld just to make you download it. But it really wasn't it was a funny story from the beginning to the end. It's not your average sailormoon bullshit fanfic. It's a good story that has perverted villians and people with a angry heroine to boot. A story that is fun in a perverted way. The art was decent not bad although in some places it could have been better. But I guess it was due to the comedy of it. A decend kami that you should download. But it seems like a one shot deal. Because as of 2002 the author hasn't written a new part to this comedy.
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Waking, funny a great funny story.
GENRE Comedy

William says:
Mr. Chan says:
This is a good comedy. It starts out like your average Sailormoon story and you know by the end its more than that. The heroine seems to be influenced by Sailor Jupiter. A funny transformation scene too bad the author seemed to have given up. After one chapter there hasn't been a new one. Something good like this needs more chapters!
Hoshi says:

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