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Hide and Seek

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Josie and her best friend, Maddy have their plans. But then there are a series of mysterious phone calls. Maddy has disappeared can Josie save her? or will she be doomed? Check out for yourself as you make your own calls for the next step in this heart pounding game.

It's one of the very few games around. It's a good game too. 2 parts. In the first chapter it's like an introduction. Where you learn about the characters and then some eerie happens and when there are these mysetrious fun calls. Josie's friend has disappeared. It starts to make you think. The heart will start to pound as you figure why she is gone.
Then the second chapter continues from where it has ended with the intro and continues the story. Except only this time you have choices to actually make. This is where the game begins. One wrong move and its game over. Although one good thing is that you don't have to start all over again just from where you made ur last mistake. Overall it was a good horrifying game. The only problem that existed was that the ending didn't really get you to believe what really happened. The intro built you in for mystery and horror but it was not really what was expected of I guess in a way that is good. I mean you don't want a story to be predictable then you don't wanna read it.
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A game where you make your own moves. But touch the wrong botton and your doomed. A mystery that has your heart pounding and it's a game too.
GENRE Game/Mystery/Horror

William says:
Mr. Chan says:
I'd have to say although it was great. There are things I didn't really like about it. Like the ending. I thought it was more of those betterly explained endings. Don't get me wrong. I liked the kami. The fault was the ending. The beginning and middle built up my mood and it was getting more and more tricky. But the ending brought down the scores. But it's one of those good games, that we don't see of anymore.
Hoshi says:

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