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Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate on Your Kamishibai(s)
by Hoshi

  1. Download every single kami on Otaku World and read them until the kami viewer crashes your computer.
  2. Start a letter writing campaign to bring back all the bad, one part Sailor Moon fanfics.
  3. Reorganize all the cans in your cupboard according to food group. when you get confused by Spam, start again and this time do them alphabetically.
  4. Get in a fight with your own kyara. When you know well enough that you CAN'T talk to them because they aren't real.
  5. Make up new lyrics to "the Devil Went Down to Georgia." Find Lost and sing it to her.
  6. Get into a bidding war over a Oh My Goddess manga on E-Bay.
  7. Call a random phone number then ask directions on how to get to Kazaro.
  8. Start searching your basement for stories you wrote when you were five for inspiration.
  9. Draw up detailed schematics for a machine that removes seeds from watermelons without puncturing the skin. When your kami friends/ real friends tell you that you can get seedless watermelons at the store cry and ask why they never support you.
  10. Write an article to the kami post to explain your conspiracy theory involving crop circles, monkey spit, and why your Kamishibai's are so slow in the making.

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