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Rules for making a Sailor Moon/Magical Girl Kami

Written, Produced, and Directed by: Lost in the Forest

Note: Any names/titles/lyrics/whatever mentioned here AREN'T my property. If they were, I wouldn't be making fun of them. ^-^"
If you have written a SM/MG kami, you might find this offensive. If you think you may, please don't read this.
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1.) The main character in a SM/MG Kami is ALWAYS a girl, or it wouldn't be a Magical GIRL story!

2.) The main character must NEVER be on time! She is always late for something. Usually she's late for school or a meeting with friends.

3.) The main character must always have a Japanese name significant to the story- meaning that, when translated, her name will relate to her powers.

4.) The powers of the main character must always be something elemental. For example, fire, water, air, earth, or love.

5.) The heroine must always have a past life in which her power came about. Actually WHY she has the power in her past life should NEVER be explained, even if you've made a whole story about it.
6.) The heroine will always have a totally un-rehearsed, spur-of-the-moment, love and justice speech which the villain will have to sit through.

1.) Usually, but not always, the villain's names should all match somehow. Example: In Sailor Moon, all of the major villains were named after stones. Sapphire, Beryl, Jadeite, understand? Good, let's go on.

2.) The villains have a specific order. There will be a Main Villain, then a Servant, then the Servant will have Generals, then the Generals will have generic "villains-of-the-day" or, as I call them, rent-a-villains. 3.) If the general ever traps the heroine in her seemingly impossible situation, they must *always, always, always* tell the heroine all about them selves, their cause, who they follow- the whole nine yards.

4.) When the face-off with the Servant, the heroine's friends will all be murdered (though, if you're doing a crappy dubbed, edited American SM/MG story, they'll just be 'captured'). Their murder will provide the heroine with 'strength' for her attack (revenge), and will over come the Servant. The Servant provides no information of any use to the heroines.

5.) The villains must be totally arrogant and don't give as much credit to the heroine as she deserves. Always.

6.) The super heroine always, always, always beats the villains. Sometimes her friends will be killed (note: they will be the only ones in the story ever be killed, besides the villains), but if they are, they're resurrected for some un-known reason by some un-known force.

7.) The villains will never attack at the right moment. They'll wait till
after the heroine transforms, after the heroine is through with her speech,
after the heroine is saying her attack and doing all the motions for it, and
after the main hero guy is through with HIS speech.

1.) The heroine will fall in love with a guy who she knew in her previous life. This is the same guy she was in love with in her previous life, actually. He will be a super hero guy that stops in whenever the heroine is a deadly situation and needs help.

2.) The group of super heroines *should* have an animal guardian that can talk. 3.) The heroine's friends don't become super heroes. They just don't.

4.) After she gets her powers, anyone new the heroine means is either going to become a new ally, or is already against her cause, whatever that is.

5.) The heroine should always say a totally random but verra well known Japanese phrase/word at some point.

1.) Place: The villain will cause an uproar at someplace familiar to the Heroine. The heroine will have visited this place before she got her 'powers'

2.) Attacks: The heroine's guardian will tell her, and I quote, "The words are inside of you. Look into your heart, and say the words that first come to your mind." The heroine will then use some horribly named attack. This attack will, of course kill off the first villain-of-the-day.

Now I'll go through a rough outline of the first battle.

The guardian will tell the (newly transformed) heroine that someone she knows is in trouble. The heroine will go to the location of the attack. Her guardian won't have to tell her where the monster is, she'll just know. She arrives at the sense of the battle before the monster *actually* hurts anyone. Just being there is enough to be destroyed. The heroine will arrive and have no clue what to do. Basically she'll dodge the monster's attack. The monster will land ONE hit on the heroine, and she goes down. While she's down, the monster will explain who he/she is, where she comes from, and why she's here. She won't go as far in depth as the General villain will (See Villains, #2). Then the rent-a-villain will go in for a 'final' attack. This is when the mysterious, hansom main character guy enters, saving the heroine, gives her a prep talk, and leaving before he gets thanked. (Note: if you chose a human guardian instead of a super-hero guy, then the guardian will deliver the line stated in Battles, #2.) The heroine will 'look inside her heart' and deliver a totally weak, but effective blow to the rent-a-villain, sending on the train down south (note: 'train down south'- slang for 'dying'). Everyone will rejoice, and the heroine will return to her home, job well done. The people who had been 'attacked' will have no memory of the event, or will believe it was just a dream.

1.) Umm... didn't I say this was a SM/MG story? What plot?

1.) Music, if there is any, should be taken from the Sailor Moon TV Show. Or, it could be one of the midis that has been floating around OW since the beginning. You know that ones I'm talking about. The ones that are in almost EVERY kami available.

1.) Since this is a *kami* SM/MG guide, there must be at least ONE stolen graphic. The graphic doesn't necessarily *have* to be from a Sailor Moon graphic. It could be from any anime/manga, KiSS doll, other kami, etc...

2.) The author must NEVER give *ANYONE* credit for stol- er... "Borrowed" graphics.

3.) There is a mandatory eye-catching animation for the heroine's first transformation sequence.

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