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just some of the girls of Kami
Move over Sailor Moon: for the girls of Kamishibai.

The most popular forms of Kamishibai stories seem to be role-playing games, quiz, and my personal favorite magic girls. Strong, beautiful, independent lady could teach some guys a thing or two. Always ready to kick evil doers butts, these pixilated pretties come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and stories.

From the youthfully spunky Helve to the older exotic Snake these girls, certainly mange hold their own. Whether fighting vampires and evil sprits (like in Sailor Dragon's Stories from New Center) or protecting secrete artifacts (like in Firefly's Questors). And all while their talented creator try to get their homework done.

It's hard not to be drawn these young ladies' characters. With the graceful movements and sweet soft smiles, the character can make you forget that they are just lines on your screen. Their stories really draw the reader in with their nice blend of humor, action, and drama. I will be the first to confess to having shed a tear or two over the story of Helve and Myouku's mother. To gripping the edge of my seat when Tara Day faced off against a demon. To laughing uncontrollable, when Suzume and Kita get in another fight, or when Snake lost her clothes. I know my description of these stories leaves a lot out, but in order to explain all the little things that make this stories my one of my favorites would take forever.

Let us just rest assured Sailor Moon will have some tough competition if these ladies get their say. With most these talented ladies aiming to have their magic girls appear in comics or animes. I wish them all well, and cannot wait until the day when ever day at four I get to sit down and watch Suzume glide across the screen.

tara look's lovely

The following character names or images likeness appears with out their respective creators' permission. (Listed alphabetical according to series title)
Helve and Myouku from Lisa Liidemann's "Agile Heroes."
Snake from Chibi Alex-chan's "Dreamers."
Suzume and Kita from Firefly's "Questors."
Tara Day from Sailor Dragon's "Stories from New Center."

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