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Please note that some editorals are out of date. Also the opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Kamishibai Post.

(editorials are sorted alphabetically)

This month's new editorial

100 Ratings by Tenchi
Comedy of Errors by Chris Tennyson
Creating Original Stories by Philip (aka Punt)
Editorial on the Girls of Kami by Kami press
Hostility by Rebo
Kamishibai: Worlds Intertwined RPG by Rebo
Kamunist Movement by Shael
One Part Wonders by Rebo
Otakuworld going to a Paysite? Pro and Con by Kami press
Readme Files (Editor's Note: This article has been taken down at the author's request.) by Meagen
Seiyuu - An Editorial on Kamishibai by Rikki Hyperion
Soundtracks by Chris
Summer Games by Kami press
The Dark Side of Kami by Kami press
The Neverending Kamishibai Project by Tenchi
Why you will never be able to create a perfect story but raise your chances for a truly good Kami by Chris

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