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Kamishibai: Worlds Intertwined RPG

by Rebo Valence

In January of 2002, I launched a Kamishibai-based message board RPG. For over a month, the RPG has had some rough beginnings, but may very well manage to take root in the community.

The plotline is very simple at this point. The world of the game was created during a cosmic surge of energy in which many worlds came into brief contact with each other. The result was that a new world was created, one that mixed all of them into one. The three main continents are Solaran, a futuristic floating island, Linmell, a modern society, and Mystia, a continent coming out of the Dark Ages. At this point, the three continents do not openly contact each other, but the events of the story will eventually lead to cross-continental contact.

The characters can be either from the author's Kamishibai, or ones that they've made up. Right now, there's about an even split between made-up characters and Kamishibai characters, but a few of the members have provided artwork for their characters for the benefit of the rest of the players. They range from vampires to ghosts to robots to just plain ol' humans.

At this point, the game is still very young. Rules were slow in coming, and when they finally arrived, there was some debate over their strictness, but after lengthy debate, the matter has been resolved, hopefully. There are only a few threads, with scant posting, but as the club grows, there shall be more.

In the first month, the RPG has been establishing its world and the cast has been introducing themselves. The first storyline planned will be one that unites the three continents, and it is in it's slow beginnings. What we're really needing right now is more members so that we can keep the threads moving. Don't be afraid to join, it's a pretty easy-going game. Post about once a day in script or prose format, and that's the commitment. We're waiting for you!

Want to take a look? - the Kamishibai RPG is held at:

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