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Remember Shael's Kamunist movement? Well, it isn't dead yet! For nwo the Kamunist movement has a new HeadQuarter - the Kamipost! Want to support the Kamunist movement? Link us and spread word of the movement:

The Kamunist Movement:

mUAHAHA! Now that just about everyones here we can unveal our plans of slowly taking over the rest of OW, not just kamishibai. Hehe! *cough*


Now Kiskae is a powerful section full of sympathizers and what not. They're are like the China of OW, they can wipe out the other sections with ease. So, we'll trade them stuff and deal them some opentium, meanwhile, while we're getting Kiskae hooked, we'll act like Russia and spread our Kamunism to the Mascot and Toy section. I have good connections within the Mascot area, and the leader of the toy section is preocupied with UJ. With these smaller sections under our Kamunist law, taking over the other smaller sections should be easy. After we conquer all of the smaller sections of OW including the lost section of Gameramantis and have a giant Kamunist society, we'll deprive Kiskae of its opentium and while they go through withdrawls we bring on a giant onslought, employing our kamunist rule throughout the entirety of Otakuworld.

The only challenge is that of if it is Dov's will, because if it is not for the will of Dov, then we will surely fail. And it is said that Dov is the Dov of Kiskae. But we must halt the spreading of Kiskaeanity, because those Kiskans seek to make their Dov the only Dov! But there is still Stephen and Jennifer, but those Kiskans will refuse to see this because they are blinded by their religious Kiskaeanity.

So who is with me? Let us move fourth to stop Kiskaeanity and replace it with Kamunism! wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Just remember the ways of the Kamunist, this is a belief brought about by Ika Takazoushi. zoushism is a belief where me must help eachother out as a collective whole. Oh sure, those Kiskans think that it will cause people to become lazy and not perform the will of Dov, but when the world succumbs to Kamunism, we will be on top and prove them and they're Dov are wrong.

As you see I've altered my Avatar and am ready for the revolution to ensue. We need some backup here and some people with connections. We already have infiltrators for the Otaku Mascot section, but we need some people who can be insiders and spy on the Kiskaen society and make sure they aren't onto us.

Also, we need some Kamunist leaders to take over Ginko Chan's Toychest and antoher to take over Game upgrades. We'll spare links and game imports for now since there's not much artillery in there.

Anyway, here's the specs for the kamunist revolution. Recruit Kamunist leaders.
obtain opentium or other addictive material.
Infiltrade lower societies and conform.
Have Kamunist spies infiltrate the Kiskan society.
Begin handing opentium to the Kiskans.
Manifest Kamunism within the weaker societies
use recruit force to take over the remaining societies.
Withhold opentium from Kiskans.
Perform an all out kamunist attack upon the Kiskan society.

We are short on opentium and so we'll either need a substitute for this or we'll need a volunteer to produce opentium for the revolution, and it is possible that we can find someone in one of the smaller communities who can help.

WE, the Kamunist society, shall rule this Otaku world!

------my statement--------
For thousands of years the Kiskans have dominated the Otaku World as we know it, we have had to live in the shaddow formed by the limelight that shines upon them. But we shall not stand for it. United under Kamunist sect, we, the weaker classes of the Otaku World shall recieve light, no longer dwelling in the shaddows of our predecessor.

Kiskaeanity has become old, and like all old things, must be replaced by the new. By taking over the other weaker sects we will increase our strengths, and by taking those weaker sects with us, we shall bring them into the light that they deserve as well, and by crushing those Kiskan's and their Dov (No offense Dov) we will force them to live in teh shaddows of the limelight shining upon US!

In this way, we shall bring about a new world order about this little otaku planet, and having known the pain of the bitter cold of those shaddows, the Kiskans will no longer try to force us into them.

We will all be equal in this new Kamunist order of the Otaku World!


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