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Rebirth of Kamipost & Kamishibai by

Mr.chan, 04/26/03

I'm better known as Mr. Chan. I picked to do this job because I've liked reading the kamipost since I knew about it. I liked the interviews and the reviews plus the extras. I haven't changed the layout because of two reasons. One I doní»t want people to forget the kamipost before it was handed over to me. Second Chris worked hard on it and I want people to know it was his idea and layout.

I don't think I will change the post at all I liked it before and I don't think really much needs to be changed. Or probably I should take Chris's Idea to make a combined post for kiss or maybe all the sections of otakuworld. But if I do, and I don't promise, I need more help, but then again I really don't plan to do that. I might plan to make some more sub-sites dedicated to new parts for especially the kamipost

I think that people should to be more involve with kamishibai. There used to be a new kamishibai story or continuation of kamishibai once every week. I think that people should never stop a kamishibai because of their art, storytelling skills, or even inability to pick the right music and etc. The point of the kamishibai is to tell a story not to make it perfect. I mean look at my kamishibais and you can see they are not perfect. Please! If you plan to start a story doní»t give up on it! I remember all those kamis that were discontinued.

Well I hope you like the new (well with new people or something) kamipost and continue to visit it!


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