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The first submissions are in but we still need more! So please take part and submit your very own Soundtrack!

No doubt, Kamishibai is a great thing. But honestly, wouldn't it be great to have it a bit more like the "big thing"? Like some real Anime? Including all the Merchandise and stuff? And one particular thing that may not be missing about a good Anime is the Soundtrack. So why not start here and create exactly that:
From now on we will give Kamishibai Authors the chance to create their very own Soundtrack for their Kamishibai(s). They could throw in every song they wanted to, no matter whether those songs are instrumental or vocal songs, rock or opera, taken from existing soundtracks or songs created by the authors themselves. However we have to ask for two things about the music: First the songs had to fit the Kamishibai (no matter whether the lyrics, the melody or both) and second one song had to be the "Main Theme Song."

If you want to take part and create your very own Soundtrack then chose up to 15 songs and draw a CD Cover for us (has to be 340x340 pixels in size) and send it to Mr. Chan, who will post your soundtrack next month then. Now, without any further ado here are the Soundtracks (more Soundtracks will be updated monthly so check back):

Dark Meteor III OST - Battle Of Negative by Karthokrinden
  1. X-Japan: Dear Loser
  2. Giulty Gear X: Writhe In Pain
  3. Guilty Gear X: Momentary Life
  4. Guilty Gear X: No Mercy
  5. Virtual On Oratorio Tangram: Into The Crimson
  6. Guilty Gear X: Still In the Dark
  7. Guilty Gear X: Awe Of She
  8. Tech Romancer: Opening (original)
  9. Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers

Legend of Mitar OST by Boris A. Klaunzer
  1. Intro: spoken prologue
  2. Orff - O Fortuna
  3. Orff - Plango
  4. Beethoven - 4th Movement Presto
  5. Beethoven - Mondscheinsonate (moonlight sonada)
  6. Blur - Song 2
  7. Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
  8. Celine Dion - My heart will go on
  9. Outro

Munkey Squad's Greatest Hits by Tenchi
  1. Sanji No Youse - Sailor Moon SuperS Movie / Theme of Munkey Squad #1-2
  2. Don't Tease My Dreams - Chibiusa / Theme of Munkey Squad #3
  3. All of You Shall Die - Sera Myu / Royal Canadian Mounted Monkey's Theme
  4. Ironic - Alanis Morisette / Death of the Evil One
  5. Mambo de Chocobo - FFV / Monkey Spit Lad is Born
  6. Closing Time - Supersonic / End Theme of Munkey Squad #1
  7. Sailor Starlight's Transformation-Sailor Moon Stars / Monkey Spit Boy Power, Transform!
  8. Kids in America - Len / Canadian Whoring Anthem
  9. Johnny's Theme - Chrono Trigger / Did Somebody Say Crack?
  10. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto - Styx / Ending Theme of Munkey Squad #2
  11. Sound Stone - Earthbound / Bob Appears!
  12. Everbody Dance Now - C&C Music Factory / Everybody Transform!
  13. Use the Force - Jamiroquai / Theme of Bob
  14. Star Wars Victory March / We've Beaten the Evil, for now....
  15. Carry On - Sailor Moon / Final Fight with Royal Canadian Mounted Monkey

Sparkle Star OST - The Knight Star by Chibi Alex
  1. Oh Sparkling Star (1st series opening)
  2. The Stars are Falling (2nd series opening)
  3. A Star is Born (Sparkle's tranformation theme)
  4. Little Nova (Chibi Nova's tranformation theme)
  5. Super Nova! (Super Nova / battle theme)
  6. Towards the Evening Star by Tangerine Dream
  7. I will love you by Fisher
  8. When all the Stars are Falling by Lisa Loeb
  9. Hero by Enrique Ingleas
  10. Sono Mama de li n Da by Maaya Sakamoto
  11. Shining Star (RPG Ending)
  12. Series ending

Of course this 'project' wasn't created just for fun. The idea behind all this was to bring Kamishibai a bit more to life (as the already mentioned Anime with all its Merchandise). This is for every Fan to enjoy their favourite Kamishibais more than just by sitting in front of their monitor and clicking through the scenes. This is for giving Kamishibai another "special touch".
You can download the songs (not here however. For MP3 music try alternative resources. This ain't no Napster folks! ^_~) burn it onto an audio CD (every burning-program should be able to manage "MP3 to Audio" burning) and enjoy your favourite Kamishibai's very own Soundtrack. And as you may have guesses already - the cover images aren't just for your viewing pleasure but can (and should) also be used as real CD Cover Inlays! Download the images, print them out (the size is correct already, all you have to do is print them out, really! that's why they have to be 340x340 pixels) and insert them into the CD case.

That's it. Enjoy all those Kamishibai Soundtracks.

Info: There were some complaints about Copyright issues. But we don't offer MP3s here! All we want to put up are lists of 'fictional' Kamishibai Soundtracks. You can, on your own free will burn those onto an Audio CD in case you have these songs. We do not encourage people to pirate music, software or any other copyrighted goods.
In general MP3s may be kept for personal use as backups of music you own. We do not offer or encourage pirated music!

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