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Well, originally this was written for a friend of mine who was SOOOOO amazed by my drawings (indicating that she has NEVER seen any other Kami artistís pictures), that she wanted my advise on drawing heads. And so this tutorial was born!

Many, many months later I had a request from Becky to write an editorial or some such thing for the Kami post, and here it is!!!!!!

How To Draw Heads!!!

(Hold the applause)

Well I, personally, start out by (opening a paint file up, and) drawing an oval.

Then chop off the top part of the head, and add bang lines! (For this I chose to do a bang-less head, that is just little curvy lines)

To make a slimmer, pointy-er face, draw two curvy lines that connect in the center. (I use blue to show you what I mean)Ö(If the face youíre drawing is male, try to make the lines a bit wider. Them boys have big faces).

Erase the first lines to show a perdy face! (And, in my case, change the blue lines to black).

Color the face. (Any color really, you can have it green if ya want).

Draw a large circle around the face. This is sort-of a guideline for the hair. If you want, you can just draw the hair, but this is what I, personally, do.

Erase most of the circle except the top part. The top is the top of the hair.

Draw two lines for the rest of the hair. (This is where you make the hair fluffy, wavy, or straight)Ö(If itís maleÖ heck, never mind. Guys can have long hair too).

Color the hair (I choose a cotton-candy pink. ^_^ Cute! {If itís male, I donít think heíll appreciate such a perdyful pink) and, of course, add a neck.

Add the rest of the face!!! (If itís male, donít add such feminine features.)

The rest of the body, however, is yours to figure out! (Tell me when you do please!)


I hope this has been helpful for you! Thanks for stopping by! Hey, check out the rest of the Kami Post! BYE!!!!!!

-Lost in the Forest (

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