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Helpful articles

(articles are listed alphabetically)

A beginner's guide to using music and sound effects in KiSS and Kami By Sailor M
A few tips By Temma
Alex-chan Teaches us how draw hands By Chibi Alex-chan
Character and Plot Creation: A Tutorial By Ribby
How to draw Heads By Lost in the Forest
How to have VA but still keep the file size small By Chris
I've Created a (Pocket) Monster!: The Making of Mortal "Mon"bat: Pokemon vs. Digimon (Editor's Note: This article has been taken down at the author's request.) By Cori Falls
Kamishibai for computer illiterates By Chris
Making Great WAVs with Stuff You Find Around The House By Ribby
Making Kamishibais Smaller by Decreasing Color Depth By Kaleidors
Meg-sensei's Airbrush 101; a casual look at CG airbrushing for the aspiring kami artist By Meg-chan
So you want to be a Kamishibai Master? By Meagen
The Stone of Destiny: A Legend Eight Years in the Making By Cori Falls

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