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A beginner's guide to using music and sound effects in KiSS and Kami
By: Sailor M

KiSS will start the music, wait 1 minute 32 seconds and start it again.

Just copy this code into your CNF file under ;@EventHandler(), adjusting the number of "wait 30 seconds" groups and the timer walue in the last one to fit your MIDI.

You need to break up the time into 30-second parts because the maximum value of the second parameter of @timer is 32767 (thousanth of a second), which means just over 32 seconds, and most MIDIs are longer.

I advise you to leave one or two seconds before the music starts again.

Now you should be all set to add some sound to your dolls and stories. One last thing:

Don't ever forget the Philesize Menace. In other words, with MIDs and WAVs, the golden rule is *************LESS IS MORE************.

Good day to you all.

Meagen, the ever-inactive KiSSer and... er... Kamishibuyer? SailorM of
Sailor Mooo-n productions
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