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List of Contributers

Inspired by an article here? Please write the author to let them know how appreciated they are.
by AceySpacey AceySpacey's interview,
by Chibi Alex-chan Chibi Alex-chan's interview,
Chibi Alex-chan Drinking Game,
Alex-chan Teaches us how draw hands Reviews
by Chris Chris' interview,
Kamishibai Soundtracks,
How to have VA but still keep the filesize small,
Kamishibai menu Why you will never be able to create a perfect story but raise your chances for a truly good Kami
by Chris Tennyson Comedy of Errors
By Cori Falls Cori And Matt Falls' interview,
The Stone of Destiny: A Legend Eight Years in the Making,
I've Created a (Pocket) Monster!: The Making of Mortal "Mon"bat: Pokemon vs. Digimon (Editor's Note: This article has been taken down at the author's request.)
By Matt Falls Cori And Matt Falls' interview
by Firefly Firefly's interview
by Frecklegirl Frecklegirl's interview,
old background image
by Hoshi (Anita Wiebe) Hoshi (Anita Wiebe)'s interview
by Jennifer Diane Reitz Jennifer Diane Reitz's interview
by (the original) Kami Press Summer Games,
The Dark Side of Kami,
Editorial on the Girls of Kami
Top ten signs
by Kaleidors Otakuworld going to a Paysite? Pro and Con,
Making Kamishibais Smaller by Decreasing Color Depth,
Kaleidor's interview,
Title on the Main Page
by Kara Ann Vortex Kara Ann Vortex's interview (Editor's Note: This interview has been removed at Kara's request.)
by Kaze Neko Kaze Neko's interview
by Lisa (Quova) Lisa (Quova)'s interview
By Lost in the Forest Lost in the Forest's interview,
How to draw Heads,
Rules for making a Sailor Moon/Magical Girl Kami
By Lianu Lianu's interview
by Meagen (Sailor M) Meagen (Sailor M)'s interview,
Readme Files,
A beginner's guide to using music and sound effects in KiSS and Kami,
So you want to be a Kamishibai Master?
By Meg-chan Meg-chan's interview,
Meg-sensei's Airbrush 101; a casual look at CG airbrushing for the aspiring kami artist
By Michael Stearns Michael Stearns'interview
by Philip (aka Punt) Creating Original Stories
by Pixy Misa (aka SBB) Pixy Misa (aka SBB)'s interview (Editor's Note: This interview has been removed at Kara's request.)
by Rebo Rebo's Interview,
One Part Wonders,
Signs You've Been Reading a Little TOO MUCH Kamishibai
By Ribby Ribby's Interview,
Character and Plot Creation: A Tutorial,
Making Great WAVs with Stuff You Find Around The House
by Rikki Hyperion Seiyuu-An Editorial on Kamishibai
By Root Root's Interview
by Ruhbarb Otakuworld going to a Paysite? Pro and Con,
Old Votings
By Sailor Dragon Sailor Dragon's interview
By Shael Jenias Shael Jenias's interview
By Stephen P. Lepisto Stephen's interview
By Tenchi Tenchi's interview
Editorial on Kamishibai Ratings new background image The Neverending Kami Project
By TENIME Art Studios TENIME Art Studios' interview
By Toni Toni's interview
By Woodarts Woodarts' interview

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